Terms and conditions

Summer Refrigeration Air-conditioning (hereafter referred to as SRA)

Terms and Conditions

Special buy in items are not returnable or refundable

All faulty item/s need to return at customers expense for credit only (where applicable) Invoice number and the part number is to be supplied with returned parts

Items must be returned within 21 days

All items remain the property of SRA until full payment of the item/s is received.
A restocking fee may apply to parts returned to Summer Refrigeration Air-conditioning

Electrical items need to be installed by a registered Service Technician being a refrigeration mechanic, plumber, electrician and a compliance certificate will need to be shown.

Prices, Quotes and Orders
Prices are subject to alteration without notice, and goods and service are supplied at prices ruling at the date of the invoice, stated on each invoice. All quotations given by SRA are subject to withdrawal or variation at any time prior to SRA acceptance of the Buyers order. No Buyers order or request shall be binding on SRA until acceptance by SRA. All preliminary prices quoted or indicated in the initial quotation are a guide only and are subject to the final job cost and requirements as specified by the Buyer and may vary accordingly.

Notwithstanding the delivery of goods to the Buyer title to and ownership of the goods remains with SRA until payment in full of the invoice by the Buyer. In the case of payment by cheque, bill of exchange, money order or direct debit receipt title shall not pass to the buyer until the same is honoured.

Should any goods be disposed of by the Buyer in the ordinary course of retail trade to bona fide customers prior to payment of the invoice, any monies received by the Buyer in payment of same shall be held in trust for SRA by the Buyer.

The Buyer irrevocably authorises SRA and its agents to enter upon the Buyer’s premises or any premises in the Buyer’s possession or control and to retake possession of goods for which payment has not been received by SRA notwithstanding that such goods may be mixed with other goods of the Buyer. The Buyer irrevocably authorises SRA to take possession of goods having the same description and/or value as goods for which payment has not been made in place of the precise goods the invoice for which payment has been received.

From the time of delivery, goods are at the Buyer’s risk.
SRA may deliver goods and services ordered by the buyer to the address nominated on this form or on within 100 meters of the nominated address.

All and any acknowledgements signed by the buyer for goods and/or services delivered shall be conclusive proof of delivery by SRA of the goods and/or services to the buyer. Delivery dates quoted are estimates only and SRA is not obligated to meet such dates. In the event that delays in delivery are caused by circumstances beyond SRA’s control, SRA may suspend delivery without relieving the buyer of its obligation.

Should the buyer choose to use their own carrier then the buyer shall bear and indemnify SRA against any losses, costs, damages or liabilities, arising from the transportation of goods once delivery has been made by SRA to the buyer’s carrier or the buyer’s carrier collect from SRA or a specified location.

Payment and interest
Unless prior to the delivery of goods SRA notifies the buyer in writing that payment of goods delivered is required to be made at some other time, payment must be paid as directed by SRA for all invoices.

Without prejudice to any of SRA rights, SRA may charge interest on any amounts overdue for payment at SRA discretion at a rate 15% higher than the prevailing interest rate on overdraft accounts operated by SRA bank and may compound such interest monthly.

If any invoices become overdue, the whole of the amount of all invoices outstanding shall become immediately due and payable.

Any and all costs of collection of any monies or debts payable to SRA (including but not limited to only the fee of mercantile agent or solicitors engaged by SRA) will be recoverable from the buyer in full.

SRA may from time to time vary a payment period and/or the amount of the buyer’s maximum credit limit and such amount will not be exceeded in any separate month from the month of giving notice of such nominations or variations to the buyer by SRA Warranty.

All implied conditions and warranties which may by law be excluded in relation to a supply of goods and/or services by SRA are hereby excluded. To the extent that conditions or warranties the exclusion of which would:

Render and agreement incorporating these conditions between the buyer and SRA (of which these conditions form part) void or voidable, or render SRA liable to a penalty or which may not by the terms of the relevant State legislation or the Trade Practices act be excluded or modified, then such conditions or warranties shall apply to the goods to be supplied by SRA.

SRA will not be liable for any costs, damages, claims or demands arising from any personal injury, loss or damage whatsoever occurring to the buyer or its agents or servants as a result of either the acts or omissions of SRA, its agents and servants and in no case shall SRA be liable for any consequential loss or damage.

A standard manufacturer’s warranty applies to any items supplied but not manufactured by SRA Lamps, bulbs heating elements and glass are not covered by any warranty from SRA, Service labour is not covered by any warranty, SRA will at no time be held responsible for the loss of food.

If correct maintenance has not been carried out according to SRA recommendations then SRA has the right to vary warranty conditions at its discretion.

Any warranty supplied by SRA is subject to compliance with the Terms and Conditions and all Payment and interest requirements otherwise SRA has the right to vary warranty conditions at its discretion.

The buyer indemnifies SRA to ensure the warranty applicable or any goods and/or services between the buyer and SRA will continue to apply between SRA and the new purchaser in relation to the sale of the buyers business.

All warranty claims are subject to manufacturer’s inspection and determination that warranty applies No free service is attached to a warranty claim and labour and ancillary material used to replace the defective component is chargeable to the buyer Warrantee domestic Air Conditioners.

Buyers should beware that warranty conditions do not apply in any circumstance wherein an animal/rodent is found to have nested within the specific equipment, causing faults. This disclaimer extends but is not exclusive to, gecko’s frogs, snakes and mud wasps. Any equipment in the requirement of replacement (PCB’s) will be charged to the customer. SRA recommends seeking advice prior to commencement. Charges are Cash on Delivery and may include travel costs, freight, labour and any repair work outside of warranty. SRA will, in no regard, open accounts for, or non-business related issues. SRA is strictly providing a service for the supplying company.